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In this section, you can find NGEurope project results and other resources, which:

  • give you insight into the project
  • help you spread the NGEurope message
  • show you ways to get active in your community
  • implement NGEurope materials and ideas
Output Name
IO8 - Policy paper Unlocking the potential of the third sector for social action and change
IO5 - Engagement toolkit Engagement toolkit
IO7. Survival guide for NGO Founding and Funding Survival guide for NGO
Training Course Training Course
Brochure with Practical Info Practical Info
NGEurope General Info Brochure NGEurope
IO2: Induction to Pedagogy for NGO staff Induction to Mentoring NGO Interns
I01: NGOs across Europe: A research report to diagnose opportunities and needs Summary research project

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About NGEurope

NGEurope: Promoting European social cohesion through leadership and change engagement by NGOs

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