“NG Europe”, is an international Erasmus project that empowers community leaders to take action on social and environmental issues.   The programme will empower individuals and leaders of community organisations to create new opportunities in their local area that will enable them to increase their impact in protecting their local environment.

NG Europe Erasmus Training Programme will do this by:

Inspiring environmental leadership in communities

Providing education  and training  for environmental leaders in their local communities

Empowering organisations to protect their local environment

NG Europe will engage with individuals and communities interested in green and social entrepreneurship training, helping them to develop their idea into a viable enterprise, which can act as a catalyst in creating social and environmental change.

Good Practices

Siel Bleu Ireland
We are a not for profit organisation who provide life enhancing exercise programmes to older adults and patient groups
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Main Areas of intervention
Social Enterprise Social Inclusion Education Health & Wellness Community Involvement
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Irish Environmental Network
The Irish Environmental Network (IEN) supports the capacity building and funding needs of our member organisations, all of whom are involved in one way or another in the well-being, protection and enhancement of the environment. All these individual organisations attempt to achieve these aims through: * practical conservation work, * raising public awareness of environmental and conservation needs and * campaigning and lobbying.
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Main Areas of intervention
Enviromental Awareness Climate Change Environmental Action Valorisation of Cultural Heritage Environmental Education
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Food Cloud
FoodCloud is a community-based social enterprise that brings food businesses and charities together with an easy-to-use and reliable platform, matching those with too much food with those who have too little. We believe in building a culture where everyone has the chance to celebrate good food and learn about its benefits. We believe communities built on shared food can be rediscovered.
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Main Areas of intervention
Social Enterprise Social Inclusion Education Health & Wellness Community Involvement Food Waste Supporting local producers/businesses Consumer Awareness
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Clean Coasts
Clean Coasts engages communities in the protection of Ireland’s beaches, seas and marine life. Clean Coasts is made up of two main elements; Clean Coasts Volunteering and the Green Coast Award.
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Main Areas of intervention
Enviromental Awareness Climate Change Environmental Action Education Community Involvement Environmental Education
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Westport Tidy Towns
The tidy towns competition was established in 1958 and is organised by The department of environment,community and local government. The competition is the epitome of community spirit,with local people coming together to improve their local areas.
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Main Areas of intervention
Enviromental Awareness Climate Change Environmental Action Social Inclusion Health & Wellness Community Involvement Food Waste Supporting local producers/businesses Consumer Awareness
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Lastest News

Apr 30, 2020
6th Partners Meeting NGEurope

The NGEurope project is reaching its final stage.

Jan 23, 2020
5th NG Europe Training Course in Graz, Austria

From the 22nd to the 26th November 2019 the 5th NG Europe Training Course on “Green and Social NGO Leadership“ too

What we think

“NGEurope is a great opportunity for those wanting to take action in their communities, but feeling alone, lost, or somehow afraid to fight for what they believe in! Join us, share, learn, find your peers, and… boom! Make it happen!"

Milene Matos

“Managed effectively, our local environment has the potential to deliver significant tangible economic, social, health and wellbeing benefits to people for generations. There is increased  threat to some of our most sensitive habitats, but managing that demand effectively will mitigate such risk. NG Europe will bring significantly more people into contact with the natural environment, creating opportunities for environmental education, raising awareness of our unique natural heritage and the duty for its continued protection and enhancement.”

Maura Lyons
Leave No Trace

“NGEurope project responds to the need of socially- and environmentally-conscious individuals, groups and organizations to interact and improve. It inspires everyone to take action that multiplies positive contribution to society.”

Helen Salavou
Scientific director of AUEB

“The training course was enlightening in every aspect. The interaction with social entrepreneurs across Europe as well as the tools and techniques learned will definitely impact our future actions.”

Stratos Chatzigiannakis
co-founding member of ROKANI social cooperative

"The NGEurope project offers opportunities for leadership development and for the exploration of skills and interests. Participants will enrich their own communities by forwarding the NGEurope spirit."

Dominika Stiger

"NGEurope is a great way to learn about social entrepreneurship and to start thinking in innovative ways as well as taking actions. Moreover, I met a lot of very inspiring people and gained a feeling of connection and solidarity with other European citizens."

Mona Fischer
Austrian trainee

"The main achievement of the NGEurope project is to create a network of people from diverse contexts, cultures,  different experiences and ideas. I took the course because of my interest in successfully launching change initiatives. I learned new information through the theoretical sessions and sharing knowledge and experience in the group discussions during the course. It is an intensive course, with a very good methodology to learn about new tools to become more proactive or an initiative taker in the search of starting and developing ideas to establish a nonprofit environmental organization that can transform your community."

Laura Martín

"I really enjoyed the fact that I could be a trainee in NGEurope program. My experience beat any expectation that I had. Both the schedule and lessons were well organized and I was given a lot of good information. I was taught a lot about associative management. All trainers were amazingly well prepared and ready to answer any of our doubts, always with lots of sympathy.An enriching week that gave me tools for life."

Luis Cunha

"The NGeurope project was an excellent opportunity for my personal growth. I did not expect to experience a training course where I would leave my comfort zone and meet different realities of other nationalities on the topics of leadership and environment. Thanks to this experience I was able to learn the opportunities of the third sector in order to help local communities develop environmentally friendly solutions to their problems. Also, I was able to network with many NGO’s, not only in my country but also abroad.
Through the project’s immersion program, I was able to work in an international workcamp and meet even more people of different parts of the world. This International workcamp allowed me to work on my language skills but most importantly my leadership skills that I learned in the training course. Thank you NGeurope for the amazing experience!"

Gonçalo Abreu

"Hello! My name is Verónica Belchior, I am a 24 years old biologist from the North of Portugal 
I have been following Bioliving’s work from a long time and I was lucky enough to participate in the 5th NGEurope Training Course in Graz, Austria. Opportunities like these are unique in a life time: meeting like-minded young professionals that are eager to learn how to be more impactful in their communities.
As a NGEurope participant, I did a job shadowing experience in Smart Waste Portugal Association, which lead me to understand how to implement Circular Economy initiatives In Portugal, together with cross value chain stakeholders.
I would highly recommend this experience to everyone! It is very important to travel, get to know other organizations, people, cultures and absorb new ways of thinking and doing things in the community. Thank you so much!

Verónica Belchior


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