"NG Europe" é um projeto internacional Erasmus+ que visa capacitar líderes comunitários ou associativos para a ação social ou ambiental. O projeto procura apoiar cidadãos independentes e líderes comunitários ou associativos para criar um impacto positivo nas suas comunidades e no ambiente.

NG Europe inclui um Curso de Formação gratuito que irá:

Inspirar “liderança para a sustantabilidade” nas comunidades;

Proporcionar formação para a liderança associativa (ambiental e social);

Capacitar organizações da sociedade civil para proteger o ambiente e a biodiversidade.

O projeto irá envolver comunidades locais e cidadãos interessados na formação para a liderança verde e social, permitindo-lhes concretizar as suas ideias em projetos viáveis que catalisem a mudança coletiva, rumo à sustentabilidade!

Good Practices

Caritas Lerncafés
In the Caritas Lerncafés children aged 6 to 15 have the chance to receive a free learning support.
Aceita estagiários
Área principal de intervenção
Social Enterprise Social Inclusion Education Community Involvement Consumer Awareness Valorisation of Cultural Heritage
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CARITAS der Diözese Graz Seckau
The Caritas is the social aid organization of the Catholic Church in Styria and was founded in 1924.
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Área principal de intervenção
Social Enterprise Social Inclusion Education Community Involvement Consumer Awareness Valorisation of Cultural Heritage
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Fundación Oso Pardo (FOP)
The philosophy that guides the work of the FOP is based on the development of management experiences that demonstrate the viability of coexistence between human activities and a wild population of bears.
Aceita estagiários
Área principal de intervenção
Environmental Action Environmental Education
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Fundación Entretantos
Organization specialized in participation processes related to agrifood systems, sustainability and environment.
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Área principal de intervenção
Enviromental Awareness Community Involvement Supporting local producers/businesses
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Fundación para la Investigación en Etología y Biodiversidad, FIEB
The Foundation for Research in Ethology and Biodiversity (FIEB) is a non-profit organisation whose main mission is the protection of biodiversity based on three fundamental pillars: science, innovation and rigour. In this context, FIEB develops a wide variety of projects, depending on the needs faced by the field of conservation today and can focus on three lines of action: Conservation of Threatened Species, Wildlife Research and Ecological Restoration.
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Área principal de intervenção
Enviromental Awareness Climate Change Environmental Action Environmental Education
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O que pensamos

“NGEurope is a great opportunity for those wanting to take action in their communities, but feeling alone, lost, or somehow afraid to fight for what they believe in! Join us, share, learn, find your peers, and… boom! Make it happen!"

Milene Matos

“Managed effectively, our local environment has the potential to deliver significant tangible economic, social, health and wellbeing benefits to people for generations. There is increased  threat to some of our most sensitive habitats, but managing that demand effectively will mitigate such risk. NG Europe will bring significantly more people into contact with the natural environment, creating opportunities for environmental education, raising awareness of our unique natural heritage and the duty for its continued protection and enhancement.”

Maura Lyons
Leave No Trace

“NGEurope project responds to the need of socially- and environmentally-conscious individuals, groups and organizations to interact and improve. It inspires everyone to take action that multiplies positive contribution to society.”

Helen Salavou
Scientific director of AUEB

“The training course was enlightening in every aspect. The interaction with social entrepreneurs across Europe as well as the tools and techniques learned will definitely impact our future actions.”

Stratos Chatzigiannakis
co-founding member of ROKANI social cooperative

"The NGEurope project offers opportunities for leadership development and for the exploration of skills and interests. Participants will enrich their own communities by forwarding the NGEurope spirit."

Dominika Stiger

"NGEurope is a great way to learn about social entrepreneurship and to start thinking in innovative ways as well as taking actions. Moreover, I met a lot of very inspiring people and gained a feeling of connection and solidarity with other European citizens."

Mona Fischer
Austrian trainee

"The main achievement of the NGEurope project is to create a network of people from diverse contexts, cultures,  different experiences and ideas. I took the course because of my interest in successfully launching change initiatives. I learned new information through the theoretical sessions and sharing knowledge and experience in the group discussions during the course. It is an intensive course, with a very good methodology to learn about new tools to become more proactive or an initiative taker in the search of starting and developing ideas to establish a nonprofit environmental organization that can transform your community."

Laura Martín

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NGEurope: Promoting European social cohesion through leadership and change engagement by NGOs

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