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6th Partners Meeting NGEurope

  • Apr 30, 20

The NGEurope project is reaching its final stage. In the 32nd month of activities and during this extraordinary pandemic situation, partners adapted to diligently continue the project’s mission: support the third sector.

The final partners’ meeting should have taken place in Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal, hosted by Associação BioLiving. Instead, partners met online, and were able to fully attain the meeting’s purposes. Final tasks and deadlines were defined and the final conference was prepared.

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5th NG Europe Training Course in Graz, Austria

  • Jan 23, 20

From the 22nd to the 26th November 2019 the 5th NG Europe Training Course on “Green and Social NGO Leadership“ took place in Graz, Austria, with participants from Austria, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain.

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5th NGEurope Engagement Seminar in Graz (Austria)

  • Jan 23, 20

Ahead of the project’s last edition of the training course, a leadership seminar was held in November 2019 in Graz, Austria. In the seminar’s first session, which took place at the University of Graz, participants, who were rather new to the idea of European project work, were introduced to NGEurope and learned about the training course and all other materials produced in the project. Most participants came from a pedagogical background and expressed interest in the methods used in the NGEurope training course.


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The 4th training course was hosted by Leave No Trace Ireland in Castlebar, Co Mayo on June 28th – July 2nd.

  • Sep 02, 19

 The venue for the course was GMIT- a third level institution that proudly boasts being a Green Campus.

Twenty participants took part in the enlightening course, 12 from the host country and 8 visiting participants from Spain, Portugal, Greece and Austria. The participants brought a wealth of knowledge to the training from their own diverse experiences and the trainers used their facilitation skills to ensure this knowledge was captured.

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“NGO Leadership” Seminar

  • Jun 05, 19

Leave No Trace Ireland, the Irish partner in the NGEurope programme hosted a seminar on April 11/12th  2019. The seminar was held in the Green Campus, in GMIT, Castlebar, Co Mayo. in the west of Ireland. The seminar titled ‘NGO Leadership’ promoted best practice of local and national NGO’s with 6 NGO’s sharing their stories. The NGO’s ranged from the very structured with employees to individuals working on their own with no official structure.

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3rd NGEurope trainig course

3rd NGEurope Training Course in Valladolid

  • Apr 10, 19

From March 29 to April 2, 2019, Valladolid hosted a course in English called "Green and Social NGO Leadership", aimed at providing members of these organizations with the skills and competencies necessary to control their operations and activate citizens to take initiatives that promote sustainable changes in society.

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The technical seminar on the management of environmental foundations was held at the headquarters of Cesefor, in Soria.

  • Mar 20, 19

Continuing with the planned programming of the NGEurope project "Active citizens. Thriving Communities" on 14 and 15 March was held in Soria the Technical Seminar: Management and governance of foundations in the forestry and environmental sector.

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3rd NGEurope Training Course

  • Mar 19, 19

From 29th March to 2rd April, in PRAE Valladolid (Spain). This free modular course is directed at existing and future NGO leaders and staff members. Potential new leaders will acquire a new set of competences and skills and existing NGO members will refresh their knowledge from the perspective of a lifelong learning process. The objective of the course is to activate talent from citizens that may become role models as NGO leaders for change and sustainability.

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Foundations Seminar in Soria, Spain

  • Feb 06, 19

The Cesefor Foundation, one of the NGEurope project partner, will host a Seminar on Foundations management and governance in Soria, Spain (14th-15th March 2019). Open registration at


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The second training course of the NGEurope

The second training course of the NGEurope project was hosted in Athens

  • Dec 15, 18

The second training course of the NGEurope project was hosted in Athens, Greece, from November 27th to December 1st, 2018. Twenty participants, twelve from Greece and eight from four European countries (Austria, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain) came together to learn and exchange ideas and experiences. The trainers used their know-how to maximize the expected learning outcomes. More specifically, they explained tools for creating, managing and supporting NGOs.

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