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ELP's mission is to empower people, through public engagement and the delivery of targeted workshops, to make food choices which actually help reverse the effects of climate change.

We advocate for policy change, build community consensus, and embed practical land-based food solutions into our local environment.

We are educators, designers, horticulturalists, international development experts, sustainability advocates and volunteers. We provide practical educational Food Solutions Workshops for individuals and groups interested in taking action on climate change.


To educate communities about the connection between climate change and food; equipping them with tangible skills and solutions to allow them to take action today. To advocate for policy change at all levels in order to protect or planet for future generations.

Edible Landscape Project CLG has big plans for 2020, starting with our new Tree Towns Initiative©. Through this new workshop-led series, our aim is to plant hundreds of chemical-free, native-variety fruit and nut trees around Westport town. At these practical workshops, we will teach local people not just how to plant fruit trees to help offset their carbon footprint , but as importantly, we will equip participants to LOWER their carbon footprint by teaching the intrinsic link between climate change and the food choices we all make every day.

Edible Landscape Project CLG is engaging in climate positive action in 2020, through:

  • The planting of native variety fruit and nut trees at Rice College, Westport, County Mayo. Each tree is provided to the school with organic compost, a rabbit-proof guard, strimmer-prevention measures, and ties to secure the trees against strong winds.
  • Over the lifetime of the trees planted we will have left behind a wonderful environmental legacy in our communities, by helping to sequester approximately nine tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere at this single planting site.
  • Educating individuals and communities about climate change and providing practical tree planting training.
  • Promoting opportunities for further project multiplier effects, where we ask each project participant to pay this knowledge forward by pledging to plant two more trees in their own garden, thereby multiplying the NET POSITIVE impact of this wonderful project exponentially.

The Edible Landscape Project (ELP) engages and informs communities AND business about the vital connection between Climate Change and Food Production through education, public engagement and the delivery of targeted projects. We can all have a positive impact on climate change by making small changes to how we source & produce our food.


THE STORY OF FOOD consists of a series of 14 short videos Edible Landscape Project made with local Westport Food Producers, Cafes and Foodies. The videos focus on how climate change has and is impacting their businesses. The videos were captured in the Autumn of 2018. 

Support for the Edible Landscape Project from local community groups has surpassed expectations and we are grateful to all who have backed us, enabling us to run a number of projects on Westport Town Greenway and at the Quay Community Centre, Westport. Mayo County Council, South West Mayo LEADER TUS and RSS Schemes, Westport Men’s Shed, Westport GIY, Westport Tidy Towns, Westport Civic Trust, Local schools, Westport College of Further Education, Castlebar Tidy Towns, Healthy Ireland, CYPSC, www.fruitandnut.ie, and The Good Life Network.

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