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Pedro Miguel Ferreira

Play Solutions Audiovisuais is an audiovisual producer documentaries, institutional and corporate films, news reports, television programs and viral videos. Mainly involved in the dissemination of science and technology, education, tourism, nature and biodiversity, it also develops projects in other areas and has valuable audiovisual experience in image capturing (HD images and 4K UHD, slow motion HD, aerial images and multi-camera recording), video post-production and sound design. Another hallmark of Play Solutions is the participation in social projects such as the film "We Care", created by IPSS ATTitude. This project aimed at involving the entire community to ensure that children with complex health needs and their families have access to the best possible care, where and when necessary.

Other examples of Play Solution’s ties with ecological issues, are the films "Do not Let Our Wolves Become Homeless - Last Push" (produced and directed by Play Solutions for the crowd funding campaign of the NGO Grupo Lobo) and "Say no to the Illegal Trapping of Birds", a viral campaign against the illegal capture of birds for the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA). These two films won the first prize in the category of "Biodiversity and Ecology" of the International Tourism Film Festival Art & Tur in two consecutive years.

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