gemma! – GEMEINSAM MACHEN Verein zur Förderung des interkulturellen Austauschs junger Menschen

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We are a young, committed association that promotes intercultural exchange between young people through diverse leisure activities, various projects, workshops and an advice centre (Erzählcafé & Infobüro). Our activities are based on the interests, concerns and needs of our participants and seek to create space for integration and inclusion. Our goal is to facilitate active dialogue between young people from different cultures and thus contribute towards a society of peaceful and respectful togetherness.

Through our personal motivation to promote change in the field of integration, we have come together and created a team. We believe in integration as a reciprocal process that provides social and cultural enrichment. With these ideals in mind, we enable young newcomers to become familiar with Austrian culture through direct encounters, helping them to feel part of our society. At the same time, we offer young Austrians the space to approach other cultures, meet new people and contribute towards a more cohesive society. In this way, we learn from each other and create a positive and respectful sense of togetherness. Our Team

Leisure activities: football, cultural trips, regulars’ table, women days, picnics, etc.

Duration: since September 2016

Results: We seek to facilitate integration in a natural way and to give participants the freedom to shape their intercultural exchanges according to their own ideas. These activities, which are chosen by the participants, take place in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, allowing young people from different cultures to get to know one another and enjoy a lively exchange. These experiences often results in friendships, at the same time as offering young people the opportunity to build a social network.


Erzählcafé & Infobüro:

Duration: since March 2017

Results: In March 2017, we set up the Erzählcafé & Infobüro (Community Café and Information Office), helping young people make contact with the authorities (for such actions as registration, deregistration, employment service appointments, assistance with the asylum process, etc.), find housing, find employment and navigate the application process. It also enables our participants to exchange views over a cup of coffee or tea.


Duration: since September 2016

Results: Support in learning German, but also in studying for exams. Thanks to our study buddies, we are also able to offer private coaching.

Job Service for Asylum Seekers

Duration: since September 2017

Results: We offer our participants to promote their domestic services through our website. Through the domestic service voucher scheme, Asylum Seekers are allowed to work.


Workshops & Projects

We also hold workshops and projects that seek to help participants discover their own talents and interests, as well as carry out activities that may correspond to future professional goals. In preparing for various events, we also carry out smaller projects in which we work to create and achieve something together.

Future Projects

Life Coaching and Social Counselling

Start in April 2019


Finished Projects

gemma! plaudern II

Language booklet for German, Syrian Arabic and Farsi/Dari


Other Finished Projects

Music: playing music together and learn how to play an instrument

Duration: September 2016 – September 2018, Final concert



Handicraft workshops: gemma! Nähen (let’s sew), furniture making, serigraphy…

Sports workshops: tennis, kung fu

Arts workshops: Photography


Extraordinary projects

Integration activities at the Waldorf school Graz school year 2016/2017 and summer semsters 2018.

SEKEM Österreich, Stadtteilzentrum Jakomini, Freie Waldorfschule Graz, ISOP, Wakmusic, etc.

Elder people
Local community
Have you previously hosted an intern? Is it a possibility in your organisation?

Yes, we have had 6 interns, who finished or are finishing heir obligatory internship at our association.



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