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Foundation Year

Grabenstraße 39, 8010 Graz

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Environmental Awareness
Climate Change
Environmental Action
Social Enterprise
Social Inclusion
Health & Wellness
Community Involvement
Food Waste
Supporting local producers/businesses
Consumer Awareness
Valorisation of Cultural Heritage
Environmental Education
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We help people quickly and actively, support them and strengthen their abilities.

We actively grip important social issues in our society. We also try to find solutions together with as many human beings as possible.

The organization appreciates, personal responsibility, the encouragement of personal development such as the research for common solutions determine the cooperation between employees and executives of the Caritas organization.


Sponsorship in Styria on different topics (for e.g. cycling, women, art and culture, learning).

More than 100 sponsorships have been signed between domestic and immigrant persons. These sponsorships continue to persist over the period of the project. This could be considered as a great success.


Work pens:

We help people get started in the job. We help them to write a letter of application, Curriculum Vitae how to behave correctly during the job interview. In 2018, 103 people in the project “Work Pens” mobilized 432 coaching sessions. 56 of those people indeed found a job after those coaching lessons. This equals a percentage of 54.


Kambuke: (We want to work)

The goal of the Caritas organization is to permanently                   .

The project focuses on the development and implementation of measures for qualification, empowerment and anti-discrimination. This project should significantly increase the chances of the Caritas clients to integrate into their first job. This will also allow them to improve their precarious life situation and lifestyle.



SIQ: Sport Integration Qualification

The SIQ project wants to achieve the goal to use the socially integrative potential, of the sport in its entire range. It goes from the low-threshold recreational activity over to the club sport and up to the competitive sport. This project will allow expanding the integration.

In 2018, 425 people took part in the 50 competitions such as adventure days or events of this particular project named SIQ.




The Megaphon is a street paper that has been sold since 1995.

Megaphone is about the sale of newspapers. These are sold by people who have difficulties to find a job in the Styria society. Around 200 assistants sell those papers on the street. In 2018, around 19.000 copies had been sold each month by the Megaphon

Larger tenders such as those of "flexible aid" in the regions are submitted together with other providers in the form of consortia. The Caritas organization has various partnerships with clubs (e.g. sports Club), companies but also other social carriers.

Unemployed people
Individuals with disabilities
Elder people
Local community
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