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Agora Aveiro is a youth association that promotes an active and participative citizenship. We believe that if we want a change to happen, it has to be us making that change. We question paradigms, change mentalities and attitudes and act in our local community.

We create the conditions for valuable projects to happen. We challenge the community to become a power that catalyses the change around us.

We are a dynamic team of young people from different areas but with the same dreams, ideas and willingness to act. We recognize that nothing is black and white, that even the most different realities have something in common – the people. Keeping the critical spirit, we are inspired by people and the world around us, we combat conformism and put into action an idea that have impact on our community.

At this moment we are working on around 10 different projects, of which 3 international and others are local/regional.

1 – TEDxAveiro – we co-organize the TEDx conference in Aveiro since 2010, bringing annually over 700 participants and cca 15 speakers/performances together on a day full of sharing, inspiration, ideas and solutions.

2 – MAPS – we are working on a youth exchange to happen this summer in São Jacinto. It will involve 30 participants from 6 countries and tackle the questions of geo-politics, cultural and national identities, and make participants re-question their borders.

3 – Suspended Coffee – we started and we keep promoting this inclusive project in Aveiro. It gives a chance to anyone to offer a coffee or other drink/food to someone who can not afford it, in more than 10 cafés in Aveiro.

Our EVS projects have been very successful and making big impact on local community and even more on the volunteers who come to Aveiro. The last group of EVS volunteers developed, as a part of their project, Quiz nights “Are you brain enough” that happened in November/December 2017. It had a great reception within the local community; over 80 people from different backgrounds participated and learned a lot during the Quiz.


The most important projects rarely “finish”, we often repeat them and they have several editions.

Yes, we do work closely with several local NGOs, with the City Hall, the University of Aveiro, and many enterprises, especially when it comes to TEDxAveiro.

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We have hosted already 3 interns and 18 EVS volunteers in Agora Aveiro.


An EVS Experience - Projeto "DO STH NICE" by AgoraAveiro

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