3rd NGEurope Training Course

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3rd NGEurope Training Seminar

About the course

This free modular course is directed at existing and future NGO leaders and staff members. Potential new leaders will acquire a new set of competences and skills and existing NGO members will refresh their knowledge from the perspective of a lifelong learning process. The objective of the course is to activate talent from citizens that may become role models as NGO leaders for change and sustainability. The programme will cover a variety of topics related to NGO work such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, valuation of natural and social capital, management, leadership and motivation, financial administration, funding and more. Taking part in the course will be an international experience as there will be participants and trainers from Austria, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, and Spain.

The course includes visits to local NGOs, training sessions about NGO work, background information, tools, and presentations of best practice NGOs.

For more information, please contact with Nacho Campanero from Cesefor at: nacho.campanero@cesefor.com



March 29th

16.00 - 20.30

Module 1: Get‐together meeting and visit an NGO

March 30th

10.00 - 18.00

Module 2: From traditional to social entrepreneurship

Module 3: The basics of social NGO’s

Module 4: The basics of green NGO’s

Module 5: When social and green come together


March 31st

10.00 - 14.00

Module 6: Tools for creating NGOs 

Module 7: Managing and supporting NGOs

April 1st

9.00 - 17.00

Module 8: Balance your personality: skills vs. fears

Module 9: Workshop on skills development

Module 10: The importance of networking

April 2nd


Module 11: Lessons learned, assessment and feedback



Learning Objectives and Main Focus


Day 1 - Welcome

Get-together meeting


Partner hosting the seminar

Day 1 learning objectives

Trainees will introduce themselves and exchange experiences. Visiting a NGO will stimulate their curiosity and promote learning.

Main focus

  • Smooth induction of the trainees into the training experience

Day 2

Understanding the basics of social and green NGOs



Day 2 learning objectives

Trainees will acquire a common understanding of NGOs and the social and green challenges they are facing. Interactive learning will explore issues about “who, why and how”. Striking examples of social and green NGOs will allow trainees to understand the basics of the social and green ecosystem, like social economy and social entrepreneurship, green and social aspects, impact and shared value.

Main focus

  • Explain: NGOs, third sector, traditional vs. social entrepreneurship, innovation, value creation, competitive advantage, impact, sustainability, scalability and shared value
  • Comment on examples of social and green enterprises

Day 3

Best tips and tricks for creating, managing and supporting social and green NGOs



Day 3 learning objectives

Entrepreneurship is both a way of thinking and of doing. It deals with “creating something from nothing”. The trainees will cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and focus on tips and tricks for creating, managing and supporting social and green NGOs.

Main focus

  • Tools for idea evaluation and new venture creation (business model canvas, etc.)
  • Tools and key issues for managing social and green NGOs

Day 4

Get ready for creating, managing and supporting social and green NGOs



Day 4 learning objectives

The trainees will become aware of personality traits and the role they play in blocking or enabling social and green entrepreneurship. A workshop will allow trainees to interact with role models, namely how successful social and green entrepreneurs really think and act.

Main focus

  • Focus on entrepreneurial personality traits
  • Interaction with role models

Day 5

Assessment and Feedback


Partner hosting the seminar

Day 5 learning objectives

Trainees will review the objectives, highlight how they have been met and emphasize the lessons learned.

Main focus

  • Interaction with an NGO (optional)
  • Wrap-up of the training experience


De 29/03/2019 hasta 02/04/2019
PRAE Valladolid - Cañada Real, 306. 47008 Valladolid (Spain)

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