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IO5. Engagement toolkit

The NGEurope Engagement Toolkit is comprised of a variety of materials designed to promote the NGEurope project and to provide key information, highlight the goals and aims of the project, support target group members in their NGO work, and increase engagement in the field.   

In line with the project’s objectives, special attention was paid to the design of the materials ensuring they are environmentally friendly, reusable, and sustainable. These materials include versatile project stickers, reusable water bottles, USB sticks, T-shirts, pens, and shopping bags branded with the NGEurope project logo. In addition to this, the toolkit includes two informative project brochures providing information about the project and its events.

The project’s corporate identity was applied to all toolkit materials, creating a unified representation of the NGEurope project. This includes the project logo of which the graphic and choice of colours reflect the focus on green ideas.

All available NGEurope Engagement Toolkit materials are listed below and are described in more detail in the “Graphic materials. Complete version” document. The materials as well as additional dissemination items are available for free through the project website at www.ngeurope.net.

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