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Wise Greece is a non-profit Organization, that works as a Social Enterprise and has a double mission! We promote top quality Greek products, through the sales of which we manage to raise money and buy food, in order to donate it to people in need.

We never donate money! We cover the basic nutritional needs of unprivileged people!

Wise Greece selects the best Greek products and places them in various points of sale in Greece and abroad. Greek producers donate a percentage of their sales to Wise Greece, in order to cover the basic food needs of Charitable Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations which support homeless, children and the elderly.

Through this effort we aim to globally increase consumers’ awareness, so that they will embrace these products, follow and integrate the healthy Mediterranean diet in their daily lives and foremost support our cause.

Therefore, by purchasing any product with a Wise Greece sticker, you are helping us to ensure that the basic food needs of vulnerable groups of people can be covered. You are instantly becoming an active link of a “wise” initiative.

Wise Greece consists of a group of young people who share the same vision for a global “Wise Move”!

We want to inspire consumers to embrace the beneficial values of the Mediterranean diet, to use Wise Greece products in their everyday lives and contribute to our non-profit mission.

The team is supplemented by specialists in various key fields of expertise in order to achieve the objectives set by Wise Greece (Food Specialists, Chefs, Quality Maintenance, Marketing, Sales, etc.).

The first Producers’ Corner of Wise Greece has come to life! The opening event was a three-day celebration that reminded us of the past and gave us a vision for the future of the Municipal Market.

For three whole days, Kipseli Municipal Market was filled with cheerful faces, music, dance and people of all ages who came to celebrate the new beginning of the Market, as the first social entrepreneurship market in Greece. The whole team of Wise Greece, together with volunteers and friends, celebrated the first Wise Greece corner!

Honey, Sauces, Jam, Sweet delights, Pasta, Herbs, Cookies, Rusks and so many other delicacies from the 100 producers that support  the Wise Greece Initiative, were the “stars” of the event, while the Producers’ Corner will continue to be there every day for those who want to get to know the goodies that are being produced all over Greece.

It is also important to mention that all the profit from the Producers’ Corner sales will be transformed into food for the people of the Municipality of Athens that live below the poverty line, aiming to maximize the social impact of Wise Greece in the wider area of Kipseli.

“Wise Greece” uses its profits to buy food for Organizations and Institutions that support children, homeless and the elderly.

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