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Impact Hub Athens is a local and international connected network focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale — home to the innovators, the dreamers and the entrepreneurs who are creating tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. We offer community & space, start up to scaling support, eye opening events & ground-breaking programmes. From social integration, environment and fair trade, Impact Hub Athens hosts the most vibrant impact focused community in Athens.

The Impact Hub Athens team is the heart of our local community! Combining a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences and skills we, Sophie -Dimitris, Elena, Giorgos, Christiana, Antigone, Andreas and Lida - work together towards the development and growth of our local Impact Hub. We operate based on the values we share and our need to shape new collaborative and sustainable business models.

Currently, Impact Hub Athens runs or is part of various projects and programs. For example:

  1. We welcome everyday members of our community to our space where they work for their own initiatives and actions but also interact with other members of the community
  2. We offer the Impact Hub Academy programme: The aim of this programme is to help "accelerate" the growth of social businesses & civil society organizations by offering them a personalized learning experience.
  3. We are part of a major EU project called Hydrousa, aiming in the next 4.5 years to implement innovative nature based technologies in water poor greek islands.
  4. From 2016 we are next to children of vulnerable social groups who, with the distinctive methodology of El Sistema's global methodology, educate children in music education, develop skills, learn to collaborate, be empowered & creative.
  5. We manage the Kypseli Municipal Market a model, innovative model with the main axes of culture, education, social innovation, entrepreneurship and strengthening the local economy.

Impact Hub Athens began its activity almost 6 years ago and has been involved in various projects since such as:

  1. The Social Impact Award, which is an international competition organized in 18 European countries. Its aim is to bring out new businesses that find solutions to the social challenges of our time and to support the concept and practice of youthful social entrepreneurship.
  2. «Do Business do it yourself” which aims to support young entrepreneurs in their first steps, equipping them with the necessary tools and helping them save time and money by learning about the key pillars of a sustainable Business.
  3. Impact Hub Scaling whose goal is to prepare social businesses to expand their operations – locally, regionally and internationally. Impact Hubs offer consulting services, market research support, networking, etc.
  4. Investment Ready Programme, directed to social enterprises who are getting ready to attract & secure investments to accelerate their growth & strengthen their impact.
  5. Hack the Camp. Hack the camp was a creative marathon for the refugee issue and the challenges it poses. Organised from Impact Hub Athens, Onassis Foundation, US embassy in Athens
  6. Diplohack Athens 2016. Impact Hub Athens in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Athens organize for the first time in Greece a hackathon with the aim of producing ideas for the promotion of transparency in Europe
  7. Kalamata: 21. In the context of the candidacy of the city of Kalamata for European Capital of Culture, Impact Hub Athens in collaboration with Place Identity designed and implemented a participatory planning laboratory, attempting to formulate solutions for Specific challenges related to the cultural strategy of Kalamata.
  8. YES alliances.  Under the Pan-European programme YES Alliance, the Impact Hub Athens team made the mapping of youth entrepreneurship throughout the Greek territory. The programme was also held in Greece, Spain and the United Kingdom in order to map youth entrepreneurship in Europe and prepare the new, social entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
  1. Kypseli Municipal Market: we work with numerous local organizations, communities, schools, the local authorities, the City of Athens that are engaged in the re-generation, economic development & cultural integration of the district
  2. Ministry of Labor: we host & develop the national social entrepreneurship EXPO every year, where all social businesses come together to present their products & services, learn from each other and position the sector in the wider public
  3. Universities: we collaborate with Athens University of Business & Economics, Agricultural University, Athens Technical University & Pantion University in bringing close students with social entrepreneurship world, but also implement joint programmes with actual interventions in important social topics- such as climate change & water scarcity with Athens Technical University
  4. Social Entrepreneurship Forum: with promiment organizations & stakeholders of the social economy ecosystem (Anemos Ananeosis, Development Agency of Karditsa, Coop Bank of Karditsa, Boell Foundation, Agricultural University, Ergani and more) we organize for 5 consequent years the Social Entrepreneurship Forum, a gathering of the ecosystem organized by the ecosystem, where we all discuss topics that matter, organize and develop partnerships between us
  5. TechSoup Technology Assistance which is a non-profit international network of non-governmental organizations, providing technical support and technological tools to other NGOs.

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