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3rd NGEurope trainig course

3er Curso de Formación de NGEurope en Valladolid

  • Apr 10, 19

Valladolid acogió desde el 29 de marzo hasta el 2 de abril de 2019 el curso impartido en inglés denominado “Green and Socia NGO leadership”, dirigido a dotar a los miembros de estas organizaciones de las habilidades y competencias necesarias para controlar su funcionamiento y activar a los ciudadanos a tomar iniciati

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3rd NGEurope trainig course

3rd NGEurope Training Course in Valladolid

  • Apr 10, 19

From March 29 to April 2, 2019, Valladolid hosted a course in English called "Green and Social NGO Leadership", aimed at providing members of these organizations with the skills and competencies necessary to control their operations and activate citizens to take initiatives that promote sustainable changes in society.

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First NGEurope training course

  • Jul 06, 18

The NGEurope partners are getting ready for the project's first training course, which will take place in Lousada, Portugal, starting at the end if this week. Trainers from Greece, Ireland and Portugal will train international participants in many NGO related topics.

Program 07/06/2018 - 07/10/2018.

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“Civic and Associative action" Seminar

  • Apr 13, 18

First public event of this project, May  25th and 26th 2018 in Lousada, Portugal.

Free entrance, but under registration before May 21th.

New registration deadline: May 25th

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